Technical Awareness

Successfully Completed Huawei Training on

  • iManager M2000V200R013 Client Operation & Maintenance
  • LTE eRAN8.0 Lampsite Operation & Maintenance
  • LTE Radio Network Optimize
  • DNS9816 Operation & Maintenance
  • UPCC Routine Operation & Maintenance Training

Cisco Certified Network Associate (Routing and Switching)

A course was followed on CCNA (R&S) knowledge on working and configuration cisco devices.

Telecommunication & Networking

MapInfo / Nemo Analyzer & Outdoor/ Tems/ Packet Tracer, GNS3, UNL and eNSP/ Wireshark / Ubiquiti Edge Routers, Unifi, Tough Switches /Mikrotic Router OS

Programming Languages

C, HTML5, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Assembly, and Arduino programming


Proteus 7, Cad Soft Eagle PCB design software

Computer Literacy

Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office Word. Excel, PowerPoint and Visio / Photoshop / Illustrator

Operating Systems

Ubuntu/ Windows 8, 10 / Linux Shell Scripting (BASH)


  • Time, Money and Happiness
  • Cloud Computing
  • Building Innovative Products
  • Freelancing
  • Sinhala Literature
  • Robotics & Automation

I love Innovations ! See the following innovations during my undergraduate time


  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking and Traffic Data Analyzing System (IOT Project)

    Real Time Vehicle Tracking and Traffic Data Analyzing System (IOT Project)

    Very short description of the project.

    A Local Position System that monitors the public transportation vehicles and update a real time database. Users can get details of their desired vehicle by using their mobile device. Also it suggests the time that user should go to his nearest station according to algorithm.

    Technology Used: Active RF Link, GPRS Module, Arduino, VPS, Firebase, Android SDK 

  • Voice Navigation Wearable for Blinds

    Voice Navigation Wearable for Blinds

    Very short description of the project.

    Wearable for blind people to walk without the stick. It is a band to wear on head and at knee it senses the obstacle and gives complete navigation instructions using android mobile application.

    Technology Used: Ultrasonic Sound Sensors, Bluetooth Module, Arduino, Android SDK

  • KIT Music Player

    KIT Music Player

    Very short description of the project.

    An intelligent Music Player that select the user’s preferred song list according to an algorithm. It has database tempo of the song, play time and number of frequency. By analyzing them it will suggest a playlist to the user.

    Technology Used: C# Programming Language, SQL, HTML5 

  • Automated Tour Guidance System

    Automated Tour Guidance System

    Very short description of the project.

    A tour guidance system for Sri Lanka Air Force Museum Ratmalana. It will explain the importance and description of the exhibits when the visitor visits its place.

    Technology Used: Arduino, Passive RF tag, SD card module

  • Sound Localization Robot Head

    Sound Localization Robot Head

    Very short description of the project.

    A Robot head which has the ability to find the direction of sound and rotate its head towards that noise and travel towards the noise

    Technology Used: Condenser Microphone, Two stage amplifier, Arduino